This is fine for now as my HT has told any vulnerable staff they should continue to work from home, even though I must say the current arrangements at school seem very well-thought through. New government guidance also says that "clinically extremely vulnerable" staff members should not come in to school. schools. Head teachers said schools would need help to pay for supply teachers. UNISON also believes this will be safest option for some other employees with underlying vulnerabilities. GP has told me not to panic but I should be particularly rigorous about social distancing. Teachers and school staff who are most at risk from coronavirus should not return to the classroom next week when England’s national lockdown ends, a leading union has said. “In such an environment, which is sadly commonplace to the vast majority of schools, clinically extremely vulnerable staff are at risk. It is provided as advice for schools where the governors are the employer. We know that schools cannot fully socially distance. I am a “vulnerable” teacher. Academies may adapt this guideline should they wish to. Due to the rate of Covid infections in schools we are calling on school employers to allow all clinically extremely vulnerable staff to work from home (or stay at home on full pay where they can’t work from home). In addition, we advise clinically extremely vulnerable people to avoid travel where possible except for going to work, school, or for essential shopping. The Government has confirmed that following the relaxation of shielding measures on 1 August they expect that most staff should attend school, including those that are clinically vulnerable and extremely clinically vulnerable. Consider the impact of each staff member’s role within the school or college. Those with greater contact with parents or visitors, or engaged in cleaning, off-site activities or other types of activities are likely to be at greater risk than their colleagues. The National Education Union (NEU) said it is not safe for clinically extremely vulnerable staff (CEV) to go to school and has urged headteachers to allow … The guidance to the most vulnerable not to go to work or school will end next week. “We have appealed to Government to do the right thing and protect CEV staff who want to do their jobs but cannot safely work on site. COVID-19: Individual Risk Assessment for Vulnerable Staff This document is to be used in conjunction with the Xavier Return to School Risk Assessment and outlines steps that could be taken to support staff working in school settings beyond the core actions each school has already taken.

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