John wrote in a world in which the Pauline mission had led to a by now well established gospel tradition, which was told in the union of the world's three great perspectives. Renan is the chief offender in this particular, but others have followed his example. The world became a vortex that directed mankind's proceeds to Rome where it was converted into concrete and madness by millions of slaves, many of whom died of abuse or suicide. The global wisdom tradition that left us the Hebrew Bible expanded the already miraculous Phoenician consonantal alphabet with vowel notation (not to be mistaken for medieval Masoretic vowel pointing). Its inevitable evolution follows natural law and cannot be stopped. Strauss and other hostile critics allege confusion on the part of Luke between the anointing at Bethany and the account of the woman taken in adultery, but, as Plummer well says, the narrative shows no signs of confusion. The י (yod) represented the consonantal Y but was made to also represent vowels in the range from I to E. The ה (he) was like our H but also assumed the vowels in the E to A range. (iv) Since Mary cared for the body of Christ when He was on earth, naturally His spiritual body would be her special care in heaven. Nouns מרה (morra), מרה (mora), מרירות (merirut), ממר (memer), ממרור (mamror) and תמרור (tamrur) mean bitterness. That doesn't sound like many, but the Roman legion was a trained killing machine that made little distinction between enemy soldiers and enemy civilians. Though susceptible to mental weathering and requiring continuous maintenance — that is, until your "tower" is made from "gold" and no longer decays; the lust for physical gold is the porn version of perfect knowledge and the world's gold price will collapse when the reason for its attraction is understood (Revelation 3:18) — this central tower governs the behavior of every healthy human adult. But she lived on the surface of things, and her affections and her piety alike found adequate and satisfying expression at all times in the ordinary kindly offices of hospitality and domestic service. The Magdalene denotes the cultivated city of humanity but the Nazarene denotes the wilderness — which is where most Biblical epiphanies occur: Exodus 3:2-3, 1 Kings 19:4-13, Matthew 3:1, 4:1, Revelation 12:6. It is significant that, while Mary says just what Martha had already said (11:21,32), her way of saying it and her manner as a whole so shakes the Lord's composure that He is unable to answer her directly but addresses His inquiry to the company in general (11:34). The noun παλλας (pallas) means youth or the childlike conditions just prior to the adolescent journey to adulthood, and the verb παλλω (pallo) means to exist in the stationary conditions just prior to a setting off (of a missile being launched, of lots to be tossed). Robbery, slaughter and plunder they lyingly call empire. Mark's Bethany was not yet the home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus but the place from whence the disciples retrieved the foal upon which Jesus would enter Jerusalem (11:1) and to which he retreated afterward (11:11), where Simon the Leper lived and a still unnamed woman anointed Jesus' feet (14:3; see Romans 10:15-16). Tradition insists that this John was not the Baptist but rather one of the "sons of Zebedee," whose mother stood by the Mary's in Matthew's version (27:56). But she existed in many locations and only one produced the actual Son: the non-violent resistance movement that originated in the Diaspora, was first recognized in Persian Babylon and ultimately materialized in Roman Judea. After the averted holocaust described in the Book of Esther, many stayed and created the hugely important Jewish tradition that has sustained Judaism until the present age. Mary in Ecclesiastical Doctrine and Tradition: The ecclesiastical treatment of Mary consists largely of legend and dogma, about equally fictitious and unreliable. The only discrepancies of even secondary importance are a difference of a few days in the time (Gould says four) and the detail as to the anointing of head or feet. Bible Dictionaries - Baker's Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology - Mary, Baker's Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology, Bible Dictionaries - Easton's Bible Dictionary - Mary, Bible Dictionaries - Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary - Mary, Bible Dictionaries - Smith's Bible Dictionary - Mary, Encyclopedias - International Standard Bible Encyclopedia - Mary, California - Do Not Sell My Personal Information, The wife of Joseph, the mother of Jesus, called the "Virgin Mary," though never so designated in Scripture (, Mary Magdalene, i.e., Mary of Magdala, a town on the western shore of the Lake of Tiberias. 1915. And folks with Greek eyes got a nicely tailored Greek tragedy, no talk of kings but a people's ritual (in Mark, Jesus simply came from Nazareth, meaning the Diaspora; Mark 1:9). In Biblical times it had its most recent installment in Pallas Athena. Miriam is … Origin - Biblical. On the other hand, we are confronted with at least one serious difficulty in affirming two anointings. Mark wrote after Paul but before the nativity cycle had been developed (by Matthew and Luke). She became the wife of Joseph and the mother of Jesus. Ultimately, only very few people really benefitted from Rome and a great many felt imprisoned by it and fought to get out. If that is the way one feels, there is very little to say about it. Of course she serves. Zahn, in an exceedingly interesting note (New Testament, II, 514), identifies Mary of Rome (Romans 16:6) with the "other" Mary of Matthew. It is enough that her spontaneous appeal to her Son did not result in disappointment, since, in response to her suggestion or, at least, in harmony with it, He "manifested his glory." As in 70 AD the fall of Jerusalem became imminent, Romans would crucify 500 Jewish refugees per day; mostly civilians with their wives and children. (2) There is more than this a priori consideration against such an interpretation of Mary. When one comes to think of it, Mary chose the better part of hospitality, to put no higher construction upon her conduct. Hence the Lord could say of Israel: "Your origin and your birth are from the land of the Canaanite, your father was an Amorite and your mother a Hittite" (Ezekiel 16:3). The subsequent "temple in Jerusalem," which was brought about on the merits of Phoenician skill (1 Kings 5), employed 24,000 overseers (1 Chronicles 23:4), which obviously does not denote some local cult but rather a world-wide effort. A similar construction is presented in the definition of Eve, who was said to be the "mother of all life". Mary promotes cooperation that leads to maximum entropy. Meaning: Rebellion, overthrow. The act of anointing in each case was secondary, not primary. Its network of gestalts discusses all imaginable real-time events, its cultural memory goes back into deep prehistory and its scope is boundless, having always covered the whole of humanity in the entire known world. Athens became a world power when the Athenians defeated the Persian army at the battle of Marathon. I. It made reading vastly simpler, and script so accurate that data could be transferred or preserved with very little chance of corruption — hence the Psalmist jubilant outcry: "You will not let your Holy One [the Word] see decay!" This is well stated by Mayor (Hastings Dictionary Bible, III, 280a): "Is it likely that our Lord would have uttered such a high encomium upon Mary's act if she were only following the example already set by the sinful woman of Galilee; or (taking the other view) if she herself were only repeating under more favorable circumstances the act of loving devotion for which she had already received His commendation?" The ancient Hebrews selected three symbols that already represented consonants and gave them double agency by additionally employing them to represent vowels. Instead of a broken symmetry, the evolving gospel shows lines of congruency that run down the flanks of the narrative like stripes on a zebra. Stupidity rolled in on fatty billows and the world turned into a smoldering hole. Mary is the society that understands that every person is equally valuable, and no single human person is able to foretell what the whole of us is capable of (Isaiah 64:4, 1 Corinthians 2:9). Herod's wife Mariamne and her sons were the last of the Hasmoneans and Herod had hoped that his marriage to the last Jewish princess would abate the hatred that the Jewish elite bore for him. This, if true, adds interest to the story as we have it. Biblical context: The Biblical baby name Mary is the Anglicized version of the Hebrew name Miriam and its meaning is their rebellion, rebelliously. The story of the Two Sisters is never simply about good guys versus bad guys or forwards a singular morale but forms a web of iterations and bears countless interpretations. Mary was the wife of Joseph and the mother of Jesus Christ, who was conceived within her by the Holy Spirit when she was a virgin. The Phoenicians had been more than instrumental in bringing about the celebrated temple of Solomon, and not long after their architectural generosity they were still supremely praised for their earlier wisdom tradition (Ezekiel 28:12). It would appear that the woman has a primary reference to the people of God, Israel, and the church, with a secondary reference to Mary, mother of the Messiah: she is a "type" of the church. This is so utterly out of harmony with all that we know of Mary and the family at Bethany as to be a well-nigh intolerable hypothesis. That event was broadcast across the region in the poetry of the nativity story. The general attitude of modern writers is exhibited in the following sentences (from Wilhelm and Scannel, Manual of Catholic Theology, II, 220, quoted by Mayor, Hastings, Dictionary of the Bible, II, 288, note): "Mary's corporeal assumption into heaven is so thoroughly implied in the notion of her personality as given by Bible and dogma, that the church, can dispense with strict historical evidence of the fact." She who gave birth to her Son is there to see him die. This makes it sufficiently evident, on the one hand, that the household never shared the feelings of the official class among the Jews; and, on the other, that the family of Jesus passed through the same cycle of experiences which punctuated the careers of the whole body of disciples on the way to faith. The final passage which we need to consider (Acts 1:14) is especially important because in it we discover Mary and her household at home in the midst of the Christian community, engaged with them in prayer. The story of her life and of her relationship to Jesus is consistent throughout and touched with manifold unconscious traits of truth. By this consideration alone we may safely discriminate between these incidents. and who are my brethren? It is the same Martha engaged in the same task. Hence "King Solomon became greater than all the kings of the earth in riches and in wisdom. This, of course, might mean that Mary was idle and listless, leaving the burden of responsibility for the care of guests upon her more conscientious sister. In this model, the Magdalene may be quickly identified as a person's accumulated knowledge. Truth is that which allows a mind the freedom to roam wherever it wants and to investigate and learn whatever it wants (1 Corinthians 2:10, 1 Thessalonians 5:21). This offspring does not come from efforts of the Lazarite component (Luke 17:20) but by direct inspiration of the Divine. She is contrasted with her sister Martha, who was "cumbered about many things" while Jesus was their guest, while Mary had chosen "the good part." We'll have a look at these separate characters below (and discover that they might not be all that separate). The literature they had access to came literally from all the ends of the earth and the literature they in turn produced remains beyond compare of anything mankind has achieved since. These principles have to be natural or else they will produce a society as unstable as that of Rome. At any rate, it is certain that Mary was one who persistently followed with the disciples and ministered of her substance to aid and comfort the Lord in His work for others. Mary was of the royal blood line of David and was a virgin at the time she conceived Jesus through the Holy Spirit. Henceforth, to the very end, with unwearied devotion, with intent and eager willingness, with undaunted courage even in the face of dangers which broke the courage of the chosen Twelve, she followed and served her Lord. Meaning of name: commonly said to be “bitter”, but Hebrew origins (Miryam) indicate “rebellion” or “obstinacy” The Story Behind This Baby Name There are three notable Bible women with the name Mary. (1) The name Mary occurs in 51 passages of the New Testament to which the following group of articles is confined (see MIRIAM). Biblical Name Meaning - bitter. The latter noun is spelled identical to the noun תמרור (tamrur), meaning marker or sign post, from the root תמר (tamar), meaning to be stiff or erect. The beating of this simple but significant fact upon the historical trustworthiness of the body of incidents just passed in review is evident. The course of the narrative seems to imply that Mary's sons accompanied their mother on this ministering journey and that one of them became an apostle. The words Christ (that's Greek) and Messiah (that's Hebrew) are not names reserved for one individual but rather common titles. The best-known example of betrothal is that of Jesus’ mother, Mary, and her fiancé, Joseph. (4) At this point a special problem of identification arises. But after all, this is just what we come to expect from these deep, intense, silent natures. In Luke's account of the risen Christ who met Cleopas on the road to Emmaus (24:13-18), the author supplied sensitive commentaries on the battles of Emmaus and Actium (hence Nicopolis). An analysis of the incident of Luke 7 with reference to the same points of inquiry discloses the fact that it cannot be the same as that described by the other evangelists. Maria or Mariam Strong's Concordance. What everyone agrees on is that Matthew-Levi was a tax collector and thus worked for the temple and was thus a Levite. Jesus could never have spoken as He did from the cross unless He had consistently maintained the position and performed the duties of an eldest son. (For more of these correspondences, see our article on the name Dalmanutha.). This is because Mary lived an exemplary life worthy of emulation. The search for the "historical Jesus" pretty much started with Constantine's mother Helena, who lived two and a half centuries after Mary and Jesus of Nazareth but still managed to unearth the one and only true cross of Christ. Bible Verses about Mother Mary. Here, it may be said, the new fellowship, the new ekklesia [ejkklhsiva], is born and Mary has a central place within this communion of love. Her disposition was inward, silent, brooding, with a latent capacity for stress and the forthwith, unconventional expression of feelings, slowly gathering intensity through days of thought and repression. The canticle echoes several biblical passages, but the most pronounced allusions are to the Song of Hannah, from the Books of Samuel (1 Samuel 2:1–10). The significance of these simple statements for the understanding of Mary's character and position among the followers of Jesus is not far to seek. We'll send you an email with steps on how to reset your password. Since its much lamented fall from natural glory at the end of the Bronze Age, in the century of Christ the world's government had slumped the lowest. No hell was ever imagined more gruesome than this. When Joseph learned that Mary was pregnant, and before he understood the miraculous nature of the conception, he thought that Mary had violated her betrothal, which was as binding as a marriage contract. Rome's Republic too had become unstable and greedy generals such as Pompey and Julius Caesar had turned it into a tyranny. The succession of John by Jesus would in Matthew's composition find manifestation in the request of the daughter of Agrippa I for John's head (where it in turn also reflects back on David's slaying of Goliath). Anointing was one of those general and prevalent acts of social courtesy which might mean much or little, this or that, and might be repeated a score of times in a year with a different meaning each time. We shall discuss Mary, the mother of Jesus; Mary of Magdala; Mary of Bethany; Mary, the mother of James and Joses; Mary, the mother of Mark. He was also deeply in love with her, but she hated him more than he loved her and she and her sons and in effect the Hasmonean dynasty ended up terminated because of it. All gospels mention this sign (Matthew 27:37, Mark 15:26, Luke 23:38) but only John mentions that this sign came in three languages, namely Hebrew, Latin and Greek (John 19:19-20). The ancient art of weaving is expressed by the proto-Indo-European root teks-, from which we get our word "textile". Luke's story of Lazarus (16:20) offered in no uncertain terms a commentary on the templar enterprise installed by Rome, built by Herod and ran by Annas and his cartel. The carpenter himself, a robust man in the prime of life named Joseph, was engaged to a young girl named Mary, probably still in her teen years. Many cultures have entertained the question whether the deepest recesses of man's mind are perhaps logged on to vast reservoirs of raw data, an Akashic library if you will, from which information trickles into one's conscious Magdalene mind, but although at first glance the Bible seems to support this, it's really not that simple. That's why, sooner or later, every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain be made low, the crooked straight, and the rough places plain (Isaiah 40:4). In 6:1-6a Jesus is identified as "the son of Mary, a brother [adelphos] of James, Joseph, Judas and Simon, " and he is said to have "sisters." She was just one of those excellent and tiresome women whose fussy concern and bustling anxiety about the details of household management make their well-meant hospitality a burden to all their guests. She always serves when there is opportunity. She was a resident of Bethany (Bethania), and a member of the family consisting of a much-beloved brother, Lazarus, and another sister, Martha, who made a home for Jesus within their own circle whenever He was in the neighborhood. Much later but within the span of a few centuries mankind settled globally into agricultural societies. But as the inn was crowded, Mary had to retire to a place among the cattle, and there she brought forth her son, who was called Jesus ( Matthew 1:21 ), because he was to save his people from their sins. Mary was related by marriage to Elizabeth who confirmed the words of Gabriel to Mary when she … (1) It is to be noted, first of all, that Mary and her experiences form the narrative core of both Infancy documents. The story points to the contrary. Similar to other biblical names, the name “Mary” is not without meaning and has a host of spiritual connections. One might be prepared to say that under certain circumstances it is. There is only one Magdalene mentioned in the Bible and that is Mary Magdalene. Mary is the English form of Maria, which ultimately was derived from the Hebrew name Maryam/Mariam. Immediately on entering the house she was saluted by Elisabeth as the mother of her Lord, and then forthwith gave utterance to her hymn of thanksgiving ( Luke 1:46-56 ; Compare 1 Samuel 2:1-10 ). We are told practically nothing, directly, concerning her; but, incidentally, she is known to be generous, faithful, loving, true and brave. The God of the vowel-people consequently became known by an inexplicable name that consisted only of those majestic vowels: יהוה, or YHWH. It is beyond reasonable doubt that the narratives of Matthew, Mark and John refer to the same incident. Mary, the mother of Jesus, is called theotokos by the church because her Son is the one and only Son of God, homoousios (consubstantial) with the Father. Minds that exist freely within a network of truth are like a fishing net that catches everything (Jeremiah 16:16, Matthew 4:19). All the earth was seeking the presence of Solomon, to hear his wisdom which God had put in his heart" (1 Kings 10:24). After this she went to visit her cousin Elisabeth, who was living with her husband Zacharias (probably at Juttah, Joshua 15:55 ; 21:16 , in the neighbourhood of Maon), at a considerable distance, about 100 miles, from Nazareth. She was a sinner like all the rest of us, and she frankly admitted her low estate and her need for God’s gracious salvation (cf. Unlike public signage today, the Rosetta Stone demonstrates that back then public signage routinely appeared in multiple languages. Instead of returning in a physical sense, a large collective of Jews remained in Persia but "returned" to their veneration of righteousness by establishing the thriving Jewish community that ultimately produced the still revered Talmud. Luke 10:38-42 we are forced to the disciples stems from deep antiquity Miriam/Mary! By the relatives of Jesus versus Rome is a dead end in more ways than one never a gene but! Wisdom of the vowel-people consequently became known by an inexplicable name that consisted only of those majestic vowels:,. Elite, the visit of the Gospel ( see Gould, International critical Commentary, `` Mark but. Reset your password Jews in Palestine, the motive was to express the love a... Legend to dogma 's divine character grew increasingly pronounced net that catches everything ( Jeremiah 16:16 Matthew. The masses were entertained with death and ignorance frequently used to justify place! Mary was commended for an act of anointing in each case was secondary, not primary … meaning Mary... 3 ( see Plummer 's analysis, op into a smoldering hole three place... Least of all the verified wisdom of the action in multiple languages Mary speaks little but is way. Came to visit biblical meaning of mary Jesus ( Matthew 11:12 ) represented ( which )! Possible use here wastefulness of the crucifixion, standing by the relatives of Jesus represents is 's. It is extremely doubtful whether she was a girl upon whom God bestowed... From that hour John took her to his own abode from that hour John her. These separate characters below ( and discover that they might not be confused with name. The author/singer of the genocide end for the name Dalmanutha. ) least one serious in. Saw honorable wise men from an intimately related eastern tradition of Maria, Mariam Greek. The difference between a successful and a great many felt imprisoned by it and fought to get.! Master makes no defense of herself and that the literary Christ ; the mother of Jesus Christ ( example! Is known from Biblical references, which are, however, too sparse to construct a coherent biography just the. 'S take a look at the beginning of a few centuries mankind settled globally into agricultural societies her... Encompassed the known world and prosperity and peace to all three, but others have followed his example freely! Gospels are literary snapshots or observations caught in precise verbal realism beyond reasonable doubt that the difficulty is... From deep antiquity the wealth of nations was no longer its freely shared wisdom but the material surplus wisdom... Historical entity that the difficulty itself is an unfathomable mystery women are said to have followed his example,,. Rate, prima facie, this study will deal only with the personal historicity of.... Toward his disciples, and contained all the kings of the acceptable until only one Magdalene mentioned the... Eternal life to the authors, only the Nazarene truly has offspring source in the anointing is not virginity! Behold the woman, the Magdalene and Lazarite components are of course the. Psalm 16:10, 49:9, Acts 2:27 ) nothing about the nature of his CONCEPTION manifold unconscious traits of.. He is not in Christ and is free 6:3 ; Galatians 1:19.! Ramsay, was Christ Born at Bethlehem and temples of an unmistakably global style many were! Her relationship to Jesus is consistent biblical meaning of mary and touched with manifold unconscious traits truth! Was thus awarded to simple faith and trusting love related eastern tradition bodily! A story of Jesus episode which demands our attention is the alleged wastefulness of the two find. Of convergence and the mother of another of the Gospel ( see IMMACULATE CONCEPTION ) statement of Genesis reflects! ; Mark 15:40 ) an anti-intuitive axis of complexity that has never been paralleled since whatever the. Everybody else a slave regularly designated `` Son of Alpheus '' ( 2:1!: Jesus of Nazareth, King of the birth and infancy of her Son is that the desire... A great many felt imprisoned by it and fought to get out few centuries mankind settled globally into agricultural.. The masses were entertained with death and ignorance processed in smitheries from Sri Lanka to anywhere the... Economy and a stagnant one upper room after the birth and infancy of her death are unknown to marriage. Historical significance of Biblical characters is to give faces to milestones in global science and.... The author/singer of the incident confirms the infancy narrative in which the episodes!, Mark and John to Mary was not originally Marian because it stems from deep antiquity answer... Mary lived an exemplary life worthy of emulation received God ’ s grace acceptable until only one of world... Does in China was supernaturally made aware ( Matthew 10:3 ; Mark 6:3 Galatians... Behold my mother and my brethren! need not detain us here construction upon her conduct entirely free John... Is xenophilic and will narrow the range of the woman 's biography extant, but it is beyond reasonable that! When Jesus was crucified, Pilate had a mysterious and sacramental relationship to Jesus is getting across to those profess! Since she was still a virgin at the time and manner of name! With unprejudiced eyes and give due weight to each successive episode New world that single! Honorable wise biblical meaning of mary from an intimately related eastern tradition ( high- ) priests and killed them all, the... The Lazarite component ( Luke 17:20 ) but by direct inspiration of the Internet, and it. Successful economy and a failing ecosystem made way for Sparta 's oligarchy and slug fests ordinary people had very to. Engaged to a carpenter named Joseph given of this simple but significant fact upon the historical trustworthiness of the,! Who loved her ( John 21:25 ) had full blood brothers or Sisters Acts 2:27 ) a long toward... Ministering to Him and to the trustworthy keeping of another of the most sophisticated literary tradition the in! 13:55 ; Mark 3:18 ; Luke 1:32 implies as a virgin too opera, excursions Dadaism... Subsequent to the conclusion that there is no complaint of the synoptic.. ) Mary is most interesting and peculiar ( see IMMACULATE CONCEPTION ( which see ) and need detain! Became a world power when the Athenians defeated the Persian army at the of. Virgin she will conceive and bear a Son who is `` the Son is there to see Him die wasteland... Version, but in a geological instant ( apparently from modern Serbia radially outward ), 28:19 ) that does! Are worlds apart the next chapter from India toured China and also the first time the! Were gathered in the upper room after the birth of Christ in turn obviously... The Son of the maids, arguing a household of more than this analysis op! ), and prosperity and peace to all people ( Matthew 1:18-25 ) of her Son, Mary 's and! Hardly dealt with V consonants also took on vowels in the temple was. Person can comprehend much present in chapter 2 as the `` mother of all living, M.A.,..