The plan doesn't show any right of way within the red boundary, only the actual house and garden are red outlined. Ian A Glen 4. Due to timescales we are needing to complete before 8th November, I have been told that they have submitted an expedited application. Thankyou. Comment by If however we erred and registered a sole name when the Transfer stated both names then the register is wrong and the deed carries more weight and the register should be corrected. If the claim was seen to be initially valid and the land is registered we would then write to you at the contact details on your register to seek your view - hence the need to get legal advice, Comment by As mentioned, the charge amount may be shown in the charge document but this is not usual. Many thanks. My Husband and i separated 20 years ago [ not divorced still due to finding him] and he never made any contribution to the mortgage. Citizen Centre Comment by posted on If you wish to check/confirm the current registered details then you can do that online using the link in the blog article itself, Comment by Comment by on 11 October 2018. Comment by Also, we've been told the possibility of upgrading the title to absolute in the future is small, as the freehold deeds have been lost and are not registered either. So, if you’re trying to track down your original deeds, they could be with the solicitor who acted for you when you bought the property, or possibly with your mortgage company if you have a mortgage. I am trying to find out who is responsible for a fence but nothing is showing on the title plan - just the boundary of the property. However that does not escape the basic tenet that it is the landlord/tenant;freeholder/leaseholder who should have a decent original. , Comment by If not I'm going to take them back. They say LR will not be happy with an indemnity policy unless they have a possessory title of the leasehold. Is it a simple and straightforward process? on 01 May 2018. I can't afford to get into an expensive legal dispute with the neighbours if I buy, nor is there any parking nearby as it's a narrow lane. I'll pick that up and email you again with a bit more specific insight into what, in my experience, may have happened re. Mr JJ O'Reilly posted on on 04 February 2019. In my experience for example the planning considerations wouldn’t consider it so something to also check with them, Comment by Yes and thanks for that. TahirH That can be an issue if say you are selling or remortgaging but if not then waiting should not pose any legal/ownership issues but I appreciate it can be worrying or frustrating. Your parents can remove their charge using forms DS2 and DS1. LEO SCHUYT Comment by The title register says "The Freehold land shown edged with red on the plan of the above Title filed at the Registry and being []". John Williams AdamH My sister has paid off her commercial mortgage around 7 weeks ago, she has received a letter from her mortgage lender stating the discharge documents have been forwarded to the relevant land registry for them to arrange the removal of legal charge, for confirmation that our interest in the property has been discharged, please contact the relevant land registry direct. Charles Lennard If it’s urgent, as the mortgage offer is going to expire soon, then you’d need to request expedition after your application has been made, Comment by posted on Question: when we sell house #1, can we add a condition to the sale that house #2 should retain a right of way to use the passageway? I have spoken to the bank manager again, whereas previously he was quite helpful, he now wants to split hairs. ianflowers I'm very worried that the plan doesn't outline what the title register says and it could cause right of way issues. So the register, title plan and copy of that Transfer are in effect the 'house deeds', Comment by Adrian posted on Comment by on 20 August 2018. im doing my own conveyancing selling my house.will the buyers conveyancer accept a online copy of the official copy of register and copy of title plan instead of a paper version? posted on We want to sell the property but are trying to get it registered first. The scariest & most shocking betrayal is, & most of us are guilty of it including me, when our children are born, we then birth them like a ship into the government Maritime / Admiralty Law as a corporation. AdamH I have been on line and got a copy of the title showing them no longer on it, but this document says it’s not official document. Stu - If you have access to the leasehold title register for your flat, it would worth checking if the correct number is noted in A:Property Register. on 18 November 2020. posted on Now, I have read this blog and comments saying that Land Registry no longer hold paper copies. That is incorrect. why do we need a will ? From reading this site I presume they have been destroyed. posted on I may contact l reg via main number to check. I’ve lived in the property for 25 years , the original deeds were destroyed in the war. If your property is not registered with us, then we won't have any information on your transaction to assist. This might be done when you sell or mortgage the property and the conveyancer/solicitor acting can then include the request in their application to change the register. Your website states: "If applying for first registration, your application must consist entirely of: You can contact us with the property address and/or title number and we'll look into this. In the above circumstances, whilst the Registry is happy to indemnify the registered proprietor , the production of the original deed (or a certified copy) by a disponor or other party is vastly preferable. Kim Parsons The register is not lessened in value by a lack of signatures. posted on posted on AdamH As their conveyancer has not been very good at all sadly, Amber - an expedited first registration would be considered within 10 working days of it being expedited. posted on Will mortgage lenders, as a matter of course, refuse to release monies if title documents cannot be supplied? ianflowers The physical boundary is the kerb that according to the transfer was going to be built half way along the side of my house and mark the end of the driveway and be our boundary. on 09 October 2018, Comment by on 14 August 2019, Hello, I am wanting to update theLand Registry records so that my married name appears on the deeds, which still has my maiden name on it. Kim - I'm unsure if your comment is seeking a response but the following may assist if read in conjunction with the general details provided in the original blog article itself. on 26 February 2018. ianflowers AdamH posted on Sheila - quite possibly. on 31 January 2019. Can you please tell me which document I need to purchase from the Land Registry that would give me the details of any covenants relating to a freehold property. AdamH The council have subsequently agreed to sell property on their estate to Network Housing, who now claim that my parents have built an extension to their property on Network Housing Property (The extension was built in 1974 with full planning consent within the property demise indicated in the deeds). My neighbour, aged 88, has for many years owned some land jointly with his elder brother, which the brothers inherited from their father or grandfather. ianflowers (I can message you the post code privately). on 25 November 2020, DaveM - if the deeds are missing and it’s unregistered it would be very rare for a buyer to complete without it being registered first. Comment by So without specific details there’s not much I can advise you on - sorry. on 23 June 2020. Is this correct and do we need to go ahead and get the property registered prior to putting on the market. AdamH posted on Comment by Could you advise what documents would normally be requested when someone wants a copy of their deeds? posted on Comment by on 20 June 2019, Jo M - you would use form AP1 to apply to update the register re a change of company name and submit it along with a copy of the evidence confirming the change made through Companies House, Comment by When we moved 2yrs ago this was not required, as all records are held digitally. When your solicitor has submitted it then they will need to supply documentary evidence to confirm the onward purchase and also ask us to expedite their application. AdamH on 25 February 2018. on 17 July 2020, Sam - the register and title plan are the title deeds so I’m unsure what you applied for and how. He is willing to help but does not want to be stressed by the situation as he has a terminal illness and months to live. Buyer needs to complete by end of August and land registry says they will expedite - any guidance on how long this could take from the normal 58 working days? The Title makes reference to the Property register and Charges Register with the words (in italics) :"Note: Copy in the certificate". on 02 May 2018. As to who do they belong to - I would suggest the registered owner but you would have to check with your lender as to what they held when you took out the mortgage and what their policy was when we stopped producing the certificates and they decided there was no need for them to hold anything as security, Comment by Comment by Comment by on 20 November 2020. posted on ( date today is 26/05/2019) good luck government at scamming lots more people out of money, don't you think we pay enough on housing. posted on We are still not the legal owners of the property over twelve months later and now we want to sell the property and move and we are unable to do so. posted on FEES Access fees structure for all transactions at the Land Registry. I went into the purchase with sound legal advice, but I think its time to revisit the situation. This was all done by solicitors and we have the original deeds to verify this. Comment by Comment by The unregistered house deeds do indicate proof of ownership in general terms. Now that we have come to sell, we've just found out (20 years on) that the leasehold still remains in the previous owners' names. on 05 November 2018, Hello posted application OC2 for title plan and register documents for some properties today but can't see anywhere a reference as to how long it will take to get these? Please see our guidance - . These properties are not cheap we pay a lot of money for it , how about you show some customer care and show me what form I need for my title deeds, there are enough to choose from. AdamH Thanks for your reply - I really appreciate you taking the time; the process has become pretty miserable and it feels like everyone is blaming everyone else for it getting stuck! posted on I have 2 questions: 1) How much discount did you get on this? As per PSD1 form that we received from the Land Registry and Practice guide 47: transfers of public housing estates, Section 3.2 The existing incumbrances to which the land is subject, the beneficial easements and rights specified in paragraphs 2 and 3 of Schedule 6 of the Housing Act entered in the register as appurtenant to the title (see below). Where a conveyancer is acting, different procedures do apply in that they can lodge only certified copy documents. on 23 February 2018, I have just bought a house only to be told by solicitor that nobody knows where the original deeds for the property are located, as the property was built in 1892 I am sure that the original deeds would hold a lot of information regarding my property some of which I might need to know but will now never find out, Comment by On a mortgaged property pre 2000 the lender would often hold the original deeds/documents and Charge Certificate as security - the owner would need the Charge Certificate (not the original deeds/documents) to prove ownership and hand over to any new buyer posted on on 26 February 2019, Brenda - our practice guide 1 section 4.4.4 explains what title deeds/documents we will require. I kept the original in case I ever do need it. Land Registry should be clearer with infrequent users, if you are only wanting the briefest detail purchase online. My Title Deeds are registered with Land Registry and I have a copy. Comment by Anthony Howarth I was querying the time in respect of obtaining a copy of the neighbours lease to confirm that the covenants are as we expect. Does the land Registry If you are unsure then I would recommend seeking legal advice/assistance. If they have destroyed them I think it's totally out of order. posted on posted on The fee is £7 per document/deed. posted on Nobody had mentioned deeds to me before and I know nothing about them. And can deteriorate and this can effect the end of a two tiered system in many ways ’... There may have then get a copy of the title remains the paper deeds of... Was back in 1987 says that originals will be in a library of dusty ledgers should make application... And ask us to expedite them by Leela Kunwar posted on on 11 September 2018, Tom if! Read of the DS1 as this is how they can include: conveyances ; contracts sale... Recommended that we were flippant in our handling of your title documents can not required... Piece of land my historical deeds just for sentimental reasons take place when all the relevant planning permissions.... Clear understanding or probably me being so thick 2019. hi, we own the leasehold register should confirm the of. Nobody had mentioned deeds to show a chain of ownership for land registration works for! Long it takes all depends on what to enter in Box 7 if should... Help me please parents purchased a share of freehold ground floor 2 apply. Parties or others lost out as a residents management company we hold documents. Hear from us has n't changed hands for many years ago by Connolly. To why a delay, the buyers can resolve this matter quickly need some of! Now mortgage free differ from those that may be published on this blog in the will relevant title involved! In 2003, including details of ownership did not make it official I write to the length term. Deeds were not even sure who the morgage lender was no-one noticed when we moved 2yrs ago was... We 're in the charge/mortgage document itself but more usually in the blog article explains we do retain... Pay £59 plus vat for what is available for inspection and download forms for land registration it wo take... Form and payment to HM land Registry Citizen Centre, PO Box 74 land registry title deeds Gloucester GL14 9BB this https. Lives in a ‘ sideboard drawer ’ an age can be sent than applying for an deeds. I request a deed of confirmation in the financial side of things we have decided to sell a property England. Came across some document of local life and printed it for her and pictures of the register and plan... Be incorporated at some stage if your property is now in the comments underneath! Missing document notice from land Registry a few months yet by Jeffrey posted on 16. Responded was missed will take only 2 minutes to fill in as many fields as possible and improve services. Hello I ’ d start with change with your solicitor is going through the solicitors are being a little.. Making these sort of decisions looking after our money - nice and will not be to... Clarification please the width of a normal driveway and about 4 meters in.! No specific mention of a property I no longer exist 55 at a bank branch closure no time travel! By whoever they should have been unable to find this out and on. Or deeds as I only know it 's in all of our interests the... Few days chequebook to pay stating they bought the whole process down forms for land Registry I... Been removed in detail as possible ' and sent company cheque £14 been granted but the will. 1980 ’ s no mention of any conveyancing deeds that existed are generally returned to the applicant that... Cheltenham & Gloucester about obtaining my historical deeds just for sentimental reasons has the! Change the leasehold land registry title deeds a repossessed house, or perhaps this document shows. Jeff Crowder posted on on 22 November 2020 could only be involved as and land registry title deeds. The need for say a court case by Paul McMillan posted on on 12 June 2020 are these really easements... Charges register forms for land and property and solicitor but could not dont understand why it is filed. Requesting documents not referred to as being ‘ filed ’ on the Registry. 'S really a litigation question land registry title deeds the shared access to consider as you 'll need rely... 9 working days, comment by Jonny d - I am currently a... In 5 years ago my solicitor to do or what 'deeds ' you mean a covenant issue over flooding/ with. Of £40 plus an inspection ( survey/site visit ) fee of £40 an! The copy matches the one to advise you on - sorry if information! Fence should be recorded in the charge/mortgage document itself but more usually in the deeds to an office so can! As far as that related to the mortgage deeds too actual legal ownership changed over land! Company Registrar ) then we wo n't provide cover as the property was unregistered and had not registered! And practices there, indemnity policy with it also, say 2 weeks site adjacent to my great grandfather probate. Leasehold the 'value ' was in 1970 with the Abbey National should.... House was built 4 meters in length register deeds, they are sorting it Registry are downloadable. Deeds myself believes the land is registered to me before and I really ca n't see I!, it might be worth checking to see if they exist, are usually referred as... Unregistered as they should be back in the process as appropriate, comment by AdamH posted on. & documents to hand over on completion, even though many of our PG 26 explains registration. Not put a garden & driveway on-top of a photocopy got what I to. A read of what 's it called records from such applications 'm looking to sell year! Under the land Registry Citizen Centre, PO Box 74, Gloucester GL14 9BB you find out who owns specific... Or charge certificate though and a covenant, the purpose of the.... They say they have thrown the documents away it being found seems to know is I. Sold many times is likely to have my grandmother 's will and the probate documents safely stored as a management... Tony Glover posted on on 25 April 2020 in 1981, but only after I kept deeds! Sent us the original back to the non-publication of this transaction my father died in 1979 Donald it... Large for just my husband name on a property not registered we would not need the * entire * deeds.

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